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The establishment of “Nick Carver Photography” in October 2006 marked the beginning of Nick’s photography career and in 2008 he began teaching private photography lessons in Orange County, CA. His success as a one-on-one instructor eventually grew to include popular group classes, field workshops, and online courses. The bulk of Nick's efforts now are spent on commercial architectural photography work, online photography courses, and content creation for his own YouTube channel.

Nick’s photography is heavily influenced by the American Southwest with the majority of his work centered around architectural and landscape imagery. He utilizes both digital and traditional film mediums in his work with a variety of film formats and cameras, including 4x5 large format, 6x17 panoramic, medium format, and 35mm/DSLR cameras.

His career and photographic style have gone through several phases over the years, from a colorful landscape-centric portfolio and a full-time job of teaching photography, to a collection of images now that generally displays more muted colors and subtle compositions along with a workday spent more often on a commercial photoshoot than in the classroom. His approach continues to evolve as he navigates the ever-changing trajectory of a professional photographer in the 21st century.