Photography On Location: EP

Season 1 - 2023


Photography On Location EP: 3 Nights in Arizona

3 Nights in Arizona



I had a hankerin' to photograph some desert scenery. Just me, my 6x17 camera, my 4x5, a Fuji GW690II, and the open landscape of southern Arizona. Oh, and you. You're coming, too.

We're going in search of organ pipe cactus and saguaros, because I got some super rare Polaroid 51HC burning a hole in my film fridge and I'm fixin' to use it. But Arizona ain't only about cactus and coyotes howling at the moon. There's plenty more to shoot in these sleepy desert towns that may just offer up a decent 6x17 or two.

So follow along as I wrestle with a difficult film, relentless wind, crumbling plans, and my fragile psyche. If I can keep my wits about me, I may just come out of this thing with a few good shots (and over 4 hours of top-shelf entertainment for you).

Be sure to check out the trailer below...

"Just finished watching the whole thing. I loved it.
Maybe you didn't hear me .... I LOVED IT !!!!"

- Bruce R.



What's Included

Over 4 Hours of 4K Video

This series totals just over 4 hours of 4K video spread over 12 episodes. And over 2 hours of that is entirely in the field! Videos cover:

  • Trip planning, prep, & packing
  • Pre-trip Polaroid film testing
  • Field shoots in multiple locations with a variety of films & cameras
  • Image review & technical notes
  • Scan & print walkthrough
  • Exclusive episode of "Behind the Glass With a Glass"

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Signed Zine  SOLD OUT

To accompany this Extended Play, I've created a 50-page companion zine featuring content from this series!

This 6x9-inch zine is available for purchase to anyone but you can only get a signed copy if you also enroll in the Extended Play.

UPDATE: I did 2 runs of this zine in 2023 but am now sold out! I currently have no plans to do another print run.


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